Take Care of Me I care instructions

Hello! :)

I'm glad you chose me. If you consider the following points, I will stay by your side for a long time. I'm actually pretty low maintenance. ;)

If necessary , you can close my additional button for the first few weeks in which I can accompany you . So I might fit in a little better at the beginning. Please always open the buttons using the button and do not pull on my fabric.

Please wash me in the wool cycle at a maximum of 30 ° C and use a gentle wool detergent so that I last for a long time. Thanks to my natural antibacterial and self-cleaning properties, I don't need to bathe too often. I can take care of myself a little bit. :)

I don't want to be tumble dried. Just lie flat on a towel. I dry really quickly anyway.

You can iron me at a maximum of 150 ° C. Actually, I'm still too young for wrinkles. ;)

You could dry clean me, but that's not necessary . I feel most comfortable in the wool cycle or with selective hand washing.

Please don't bleach me. If a stain doesn't disappear after washing, the sun will take care of it. Milk stools, tomato sauce or carrots disappear as if by magic thanks to the UV rays.

My fabric adapts to the baby's body and therefore stretches. After washing, my wool fibers contract again and adapt to the body again .

So I'm actually pretty low maintenance. :)

Thank you for taking care of me!