We introduce ourselves...


KALUMI: Sustainable fashion for a better future

At KALUMI We firmly believe that as a young fashion label we have a responsibility to leave textile overproduction and its negative effects on people and the environment behind us. Our vision is to provide alternative, practical and contemporary solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

Our understanding of sustainability is not only reflected in the
Longevity of our high-quality growing baby and
children's clothing, but also in the use of renewable,
non-toxic natural fibers and fair production conditions.

The Power Team


...with the first child our founder Katharina Costa

As a new mom
She was quickly confronted with an overwhelming mountain of clothing that her child only had for
I could carry it for a short time before it became too small again. The extreme short-livedness and the
high consumption made them think. She started out as a fashion designer
to look for a solution and finally invented the "Grow-Free-With-Me" baby body - a body that
that grows with the child and lasts longer.

From this groundbreaking idea...

...the vision of a sustainable, value-based project emerged
Fashion labels for children. Katharina knew that such a project could not be accomplished alone
was and gained the support of her friend and co-founder Liesa Eschemann, with whom
she had been exchanging ideas and visions in her hometown of Bremen for over 10 years.
Liesa, who had studied fashion journalism and media communication and in a Berlin
Creative agency, shared Katharina's passion for sustainability and the idea of ​​one
responsible fashion label.
Both founders have previously been committed to sustainable projects
excited to put their shared vision of a responsible label into action
implement. This is how the KALUMI brand was born.

In 2022

...we ventured our young start-up with female power into what is still male
dominated startup scene. To advance our vision, we applied for the EXIST start-up scholarship
of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. This
Funding program supports university graduates in preparing their
technology-oriented and knowledge-based start-ups. We were overjoyed when
We proudly received this coveted scholarship in May 2022, which represents our vision of one
sustainable label for children's clothing that grows with the child.
At KALUMI we are proud to drive change in the fashion industry and
to make a positive contribution to the environment and society. With our high-quality,
With durable and environmentally friendly clothing we not only want to clothe the children,
but also a message of sustainability and responsibility for those to come
convey to generations. Together we are committed to a better future in fashion
is not only beautiful, but also sustainable.

This is how our body grows

Kalumi in MDR