Mitwachsende Baby- und Kinderkleidung | Kalumi

70% Merino wool 30% Silk
Growing with you
Made in Germany

This is how our body grows

We do the test - Two children, one 7 months old and the other 4 years old, try on the same bodysuit.

The bodysuit that grows with your child

Of course, exactly how our products grow remains our little secret.
But we can tell you that we have developed a special knitting technique and special sewing patterns. Enable combined
These two components ensure that the clothing always adapts to your child's body in both length and width
grows with you.

We achieve the special elasticity of the material without adding synthetic chemical fibers such as elastane, but only with the power of nature.


By purchasing our products you save a lot of resources!
Because the “Grow-Free-With-Me” bodysuit grows with you, you only need 8 instead of 70 bodysuits during the period in which your child grows and wears bodysuits.
In addition, our material composition does not release any microplastic particles (into the sea) when washed, can be produced relatively energy-efficiently and is biodegradable. Thanks to the low washing temperature and water-saving
After washing, wool and silk are a particularly environmentally friendly raw material.


Our specially knitted fabric made of merino wool and silk is sewn by hand in Germany. Local production not only saves high transport emissions, but also ensures that the workers' working conditions are safe and fair.

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Baby and children's clothing that grows with the child | Kalumi

We believe in...

...that as a young fashion label we have a responsibility to leave textile overproduction and the associated negative effects on people and the environment behind us and to offer alternative, practical, contemporary solutions.

Our understanding of sustainability is reflected not only in the longevity of our high-quality, growing baby and children's clothing, but also in the use of renewable, pollutant-free natural fibers and fair production conditions.

❤ For us, acting responsibly towards the environment is our top priority. That's why we are particularly proud to create quality pieces for you under the name KALUMI that are worth loving and sharing for a long time ❤

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